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Safe Kids Day 2014

Benefiting: Safe Kids Worldwide
Hosted by:Safe Kids Worldwide
Goal: $1,000,000
$1,095,578 4 110% Complete

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Every year around the world, a million families lose a child to a preventable injury. In fact, preventable injuries are the number one killer of kids in the United States today. 

We can change this. 

Join us!

Join our Safe Kids Day campaign to raise awareness and resources to support Safe Kids Worldwide, a global nonprofit dedicated to preventing childhood injuries and deaths due to car crashes, drowning, fires, falls and more. 

Make a gift or set up your own fundraising page today. 

Find Safe Kids Day in Your Community

You can help us keep kids safe, active and healthy so they can grow up to do all the great things kids were meant to do. 

Communities across the United States are joining in to celebrate Safe Kids Day and raise funds and awareness to protect children from injury. Click here to find your local Safe Kids coalition page and join in their activities.

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