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Our Mission

Safe Kids Oregon's mission it to ensure that all Oregon children grow up healthy and safe from injuries.  But, preventable injury remains a leading cause of death and disability.  For more information on Safe Kids Oregon, visit Getting the message out to parents and families on how to keep their children safe is a goal embraced by two families that have learned firsthand the hearbreak of seious injuries.  We admire their courage to tell their stories and share messages of safety.

Stories of Courage

Crystal Mendez is working hard to promote water safety and the importance of active supervision when children are in or near water.  On August 14, 2010 the Mendez family decided to visit a friend’s to swim in their pool. At one point during the day, Crystal stopped to take this picture of Gabriel.  Soon after she looked at the pool and saw his life jacket floating on the water.  The result was that Gabriel suffered from a near drowning. 

Crystal’s message is simple: Active supervision of children in and around water bodies is key to preventing drowningActive supervision means an appointed adult has constant eyes on a child in water, without distractions such as answering the phone, talking, or reading a book.  Crystal encourages families to use the Water Watcher Card as a tool to encourage active supervision.

Becca and Jason Cunningham are championing the importance of window fall prevention. During nap time, on a warm October day just before their twins 4th birthday, their son Thomas fell out of the upstairs bedroom window onto concrete, suffering a traumatic brain injury.   The Cunningham's message is that children will always be attracted to windows, therefore, all windows six feet or higher should have window guards, child safety window stops or 4-inch window opening limiters.  The Cunningham’s dream of the day when everyone knows about child window safety products and that they are just as commonplace as electrical outlet covers.

Injuries Are Preventable

Unlike the many complicated diseases and issues challenging us today, the problem of preventable injuries has a solution.  Safe Kids Oregon and its coalition network members work every day to prevent tragic injuries from happening.

Will you join us?  A donation of $10 or more will help us protect Oregon children from drowning, falls from windows, burns, poisonings, traffic injuries and more.

Help Safe Kids Oregon spread the word about Safe Kids Day.  With your help, we can raise awareness and support life-saving programs to protect kids from injuries.

Help us keep kids safe, active and healthy so they can grow up to do

all the great things kids were meant to do.




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